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Oh hi there

About me

Melbourne based iOS developer with a passion for photography and coffee :)

I studied Banking and Finance at university, and even though I found it all very interesting, I realised it was not for me. Soon after that, I was studying information systems and app development. That's where things got exciting. After working on an app project at university I decided to become an iOS developer, and combine creativity and software to create useful and fun applications, that I would find myself using.

Since then (2015) I've been working as an iOS developer and have also been making my apps under Appzation. 

Im also interested in videos and landscape photography.


KWAMEE is an awesome fashion brand from Melbourne, this video illustrates some of the behind the scenes work from a photo shoot. https://kwamee.com.au/

Awesome B-roll video I shoot for Lena to show off some of her work at this Cafe in Melbourne. http://www.lenaheto.com/

ACOFFEE is easily one of my my favourite coffee shops in Melbourne. My focus on this video was on their drink espresso sunset, it's a refreshing drink with a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice, sparkling water, ice, and of course, coffee.
One of my favourite things to do in Melbourne is to go to one of the many coffee shops, get some coffee and walk around the city. But last weekend the weather was terrible, so I decided to make coffee at home this time.
I had lots of fun while making this timelapse, it was shot using the Ronin-s.




Creative photo editing for all your social posts

Aphoto has it's own website with a lot more details on the features and the cool things you are able to create with this app. Link to Aphoto




VideoFix is an easy to use video editor for your iPhone. Perfect for editing videos on the go. The simple interface lets you create amazing videos in just a couple of minutes, and export them to your desired video resolution.


  • Combine multiple videos

  • Add text overlays of different fonts, sizes and colors

  • Apply filters to specific videos

  • Trim the length of videos

  • Change the brightness, saturation and contrast

  • Add multiple music tracks from your library



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